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Email Video

The majority of US adults—72%—prefer to interact with companies through email over any other method of communication. Email is direct, personal, and builds a connection with your audience.

Video is another fantastic way to engage with your audience.

We have found that using video can increase traffic to your site by 200-300%. We also discovered that because video deepens the emotional connection and makes your content more memorable, it can deliver the best ROI of any content type.

Put email and video together, and that’s where the magic happens.

Some benefits of using video + email:

  • Add a personal and emotional connection to show off your brand’s human side
  • Grow your list and improve open and click rates
  • Engage your audience and retain subscribers

There is simply no getting away from it.

Video is the way to go in the foreseeable future. As things change (and they are in an evolving world), so will we – and we’ll share our newfound knowledge with you.

But until then – let’s make videos together!