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Video software company Wistia said it best when they wrote, “When it comes to being effective at brand marketing, it’s less and less about distributing a ton of ads and more about creating valuable content for the right audience.”

“Historically,” they said, “most of the brand-building content has always been based on what was successful in television — video ads. But does that mean businesses have to rely on video in the future? After all, there are a ton of other ways to support your brand.”

What’s the problem with focusing all your efforts on blog posts, infographics, or other media? Is your marketing budget better spent investing in video, and is it really that important to be successful with growing your brand?

Their answer – “A resounding yes! We think video is important and worth the investment. We believe with the right resources and creative ideas, you’ll recoup the cost of your investment in no time at all.”

And we agree completely with their point of view.

We’ve harnessed the phenomenal power of social media and launched our own streaming TV channel – Timeless Journeys TV – focused solely on Travel and Travel Lifestyle that airs on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Vimeo, YouTube, and several other social media platforms to reach viewers in every corner of the globe.

With Wistia (and many others), you must come up with the content (with their help of course) whereas, with us, we come up with the storyline, content, film it, edit it and distribute it to a global audience.



They’ve worked hard . . .

. . . to keep positioning their brand’s creative campaign, visual identity, and graphic design alive and apparent. They all realize that to keep the brand relevant in constantly evolving times, they need to give their audience a fuller view of who they are. Streaming video is the most  scalable and affordable way of ‘keeping the dream alive.’

When you consider other forms of communication, blog posts are great for sharing ideas and concepts while expressing your brand’s tonality and voice. Still, images of the people who make up the business also add an enhanced dimension to branding.

But streaming video is the only media form . . .

. . . that can blend all these marketing elements together to showcase a brands’ complete identity. And with transparency comes a personal connection with your audience.

Brand growth comes about by combining all the multi-media presentation elements . . .

. . . and boldly displaying a plethora of sets, color, images, animations, and music and showcasing the final product in one dedicated area online that is specially created for the travel and travel lifestyle industry.

There is where we help you make a lasting impression on your audience.

Ultimately,  we help you capture a full range of expression and character to create a  strong emotional bond with past, present, and future clients.